A Tale of Two Hotels

We’ve all heard stories.  A secure ballroom is looted of expensive items.  Well, it has happened again.  I’d like to contrast two approaches in one month.  I was recently at the Montage resort in Newport Beach.  There, we had overnight security which included cable locks wrapped around ballroom doors, including service entrance doors.  Nothing disappeared there.I just came back from the Renaissance Esmerelda in Palm Springs.  A beautiful facility.  We had overnight security, provided by a sub-contracted security company.  The front doors to the ballroom were locked, but the service doors were open to the world.  Right under the security guard’s nose, $1000 worth of gear was looted one night.  Of course, no one saw anything and nothing was seen on security cameras.The bottom line, you have to be vigilant in your security procedures.  Work boxes, rack drawers, everything needs to be locked up at night.  I would even suggest that production companies bring their own cable locks and secure the ballroom doors themselves.

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