Resources in Dubai

There are some notable vendors for audio/visual equipment in Dubai.  It is a really great place, but, a little like the wild West.  Good gear and experienced technicians run out fast.  Plan ahead and talk to these people before you head to the Middle East.

PO Box 71215, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 4 3473788
Great vendor for gear and labor support

Post Box : 53407 Dubai Investment Park, Dubai, UAE.
+971 (4) 8850541

Delta Sound FZ-LLC
Office 96 2nd Floor DMC Building 2
Dubai Media city
PO Box 72280, Dubai UAE
+971 50 640 3288

Grass Valley Turbo and video timing

If you’ve had trouble timing a GVG Turbo hard disk recorder in an analog video system this might come as news to you, Grass Valley never implemented the timing functions with analog video.Yes, even though there is a menu for horizontal timing, these settings do not apply to the analog video coming down the DVI-I connector.  In order to time a Turbo with a switcher and other devices, you have to run the Turbo through a frame synchronizer or TBC.