Network Audio Module Failed Error with CL Consoles

The dread error which strikes fear in hearts of A1s.  After discussing with Audinate, it appears the problem is related to how Yamaha handles virtual devices.  The solution is to NOT mount DVS or Via and do all patching in Controller.  I have changed my workflow thus and not seen this error since.

Known issue with ClearCom FreeSpeak CCM

If you use ClearCom FreeSpeak wireless intercom systems, you might have noticed something odd in the overview page.

According to ClearCom, when using link-local addressing (meaning 169.254.X.X network IP addresses), the telemetry from antennae and beltpacks is not updated correctly.

The current fix is to use a fixed IP NOT in the link local address space.

ClearCom says they are working on a fix for this issue.